The Organ

9th International Competition Xavier Darasse, Toulouse

October 2005

At the end of September, fourteen semi finalists gave thirty minute programmes over two days before a jury of twenty international professional organists from ten countries chaired by composer Marc Bleuse, across four venues in Toulouse for the 9th International Competition Xavier Darasse (or Concours International d'Orgue Xavier Darasse, named after the late organist who reinvigorated organ music in Toulouse). Four finalists were chosen.

The semi-finals were anonymous but once the finalists have been chosen their names were announced and they performed in the finals as themselves.

On the 4th of October, Anne-GaŽlle Chanon and Nicolas Loth played on the Ahrend organ in the Musee des Augustins, and the following day Thomas Monnet and Lydia Sourial performed on the Cavaille-Coll in St Sernin.

The final results were:

All finalists were French, although there were a number of international contestants in earlier stages. Pictured are the four finalists - from left to right Monnet, Chanon, Sourial and Loth - click on the image for a larger version.