The Organ

Louis Vierne's 2ème and 3ème Symphonies

Olivier Latry at the Organ of Notre-Dame de Paris
BNL 112741

If I simply used the word 'stunning' this could be a very quick review to read, but perhaps not too informative.

This reissue, recorded in 1988, was originally part of Latry's plan to record all of Vierne's symphonies, but, sadly, the cycle appears not to have been completed, only this disc and a disc of the 24 Pièces de Fantaisie was made.

Anyone who likes Vierne should have this in their collection. This is Vierne as it should be: big, bold, broad, gripping and yet tender, and of course very stylishly played. My only reservation is the possible over-use of the en chamade reeds, which sometimes appear to overpower the rest of the organ, certainly in this recording position, but do make for exciting listening! The interesting notes complete an excellent if unevenly presented package. The distributor may take some tracking down (Concord) but a little searching on the Net should come up with it; then buy it.