The Organ

Michael Wright: C'est La Folie

Michael Wright: C'est La Folie
Bantam Press
ISBN 05930 54695

Since A Year in Provence, there has been a proliferation of similar make-a-new-life-in-a foreign-land books by indifferent writers. C'est La Folie is a cut above the rest in several ways. As a drama critic, the author was a seasoned writer before he embarked on his adventure to achieve his childhood ambitions, which were in essence to live heroically and be content in his own skin. He is also an organist, pilot and cat lover, which endears him to the reader and his new community in France. Michael writes with wit, sensitivity and personal candour. The story has a beginning, middle and a satisfying end. Furthermore, there is no sex or violence (except among the farm animals) which appears to be so prevalent in modern novels. All in all - a good read.