The Organ

The Organs of Gloucestershire

Roy Williamson: The Organs of Gloucestershire
Published by the Author at 17, Blenheim Court, Winchcombe, GL54 5PW
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This book is a very comprehensive survey of ‘every organ known to have stood in the county’s churches, chapels, schools, public buildings and private residences from the earliest times’. The area covered is the Anglican Diocese of Gloucester as currently constituted. The present publication builds on the author’s previous publications about organs in the county: Organs of Cheltenham and Organs of Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Cirencester. The information from these earlier inventories has been updated and included in this book. Roy Williamson is to be congratulated on an excellent and comprehensive publication, well and simply produced. The thoroughness of the work is evinced by the fact I found virtually no literals in 371 pages! Entries follow a standard format which ensures that information can be accessed quickly and easily. There are indices for builders and locations. There are also four appendices covering: cinema organs; house organs; organs for sale or auction; organ builders. There are a number of illustrations of instruments listed in the main body of the work. Apart from instruments in the larger conurbations of Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Cheltenham, the majority of the organs are smaller ones, though many have an interesting history of rebuilding and restoration, if not removal. It would be good to think that others would copy Roy Williams’ stirling work in other counties of England or areas of the United Kingdom. The work is also excellent value for money and a good read as well as an excellent reference work on all counts.