The Organ

Music Therapy

Rachel Darnley-Smith and Helen M. Patey
ISBN 0 7619 5777 4

This book is a detailed introduction to music therapy, and should be of particular interest to intending students of the subject and those wishing to pursue a career within the profession. It includes a history of music therapy, a definition and description of the current state of the art, the particular importance and role of music in the therapeutic process and training and development for music therapists. In the second part of the book, the role of improvisation, working with adults and children, coping with setbacks and resources for music therapists are all discussed. There is an extensive bibliography.

The book is well written and produced; knowing only a limited amount about the subject, I was fascinated by the topics covered and felt that the authors were sensitive to the intended audience. It should be of considerable use to all with a general interest in the subject as well as those making a career in music therapy.

David Baker