The Organ

The Percy Whitlock Companion

Toccata on Victimae Paschali Laudes
Iain Quinn
GIA Publications G-7414

This is an effective flourish upon an Easter plainsong that appears like a cantus firmus in the pedal in the outer sections of this ternary structure piece of 119 bars. It stands most closely in the French tradition with a colourful array of semiquaver broken chords passed between the hands over the plainsong, with a contrasting central section that is more meditative and chromatic, developing the theme in something of the manner of Tournemire. A virtuosic ability isn't necessary for its execution but it will sound impressive nonetheless, as it requires a sizeable instrument ideally of 3 manuals, with a 16' on the Swell and Great, and a 32' on the pedal.

Curtis Rogers