The Organ

Joseph Jongen and his Organ Music

John Scott Whiteley
Pendragon Press
ISBN 0 945193 82 3

This excellent, scholarly, thoroughly researched book is in three basic sections: a detailed biography of Jongen, concentrating on his career as composer and organist, an analysis of the music, and the influences on it, and a performer's guide. The work is complemented and completed by a series of useful indices, a thematic catalogue; a list of variant readings in the manuscripts, details of organs and organ recitals played by Jongen, a chronological list of works, a 'Personalia' section and a Bibliography. Extensively illustrated, this volume is a tour de force and is worth acquiring and reading as an exemplar of good quality organological scholarship. As such, not only is Whiteley's work essential for a study or Jongen's music - and for those who intend to perform it - but also for all who wish to gain a further insight into twentieth century organ performance and composition.

David Baker