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Percy Buck: Marche Militaire (edited by David Patrick)

Percy Buck: Marche Militaire (edited by David Patrick)

Edited by Andrea Coen.

Fitzjohn Music Publications [£7 + p&p]

Percy Buck: Marche Militaire

Percy Buck (1871-1947) was a noted figure in the organ world of British musical life leading to and in the first few decades of the twentieth-century. He was knighted for his services to music and especially for his outstanding work in the organ world, particularly his very successful tutor, The First Year at the Organ, which appeared in 1912.

This typical March was composed for Sir Walter Alcock and certainly deserves a place in the repertoire of those organists who are naturally sympathetic to British organ music of the period. Its French title (the work was composed in 1892) may be a nod to the growing influence of La Belle Epoque and the burgeoning French organ school of that time, although there is nothing specifically ‘French’ about the material or its treatment.

The work is an impressive short march, suitable for any relevant occasion, but it demands a fully competent musician, whose attention will be well rewarded – as will that of the player’s audiences. Masterfully laid out for the instrument, this gem is well worth the attention of all serious-minded organists – and thanks again to Fitzjohn for bringing it to our attention.

Robert Matthew-Walker