The Organ

Méthodes & Traités: Série 1 – France, 1600-1800

Jean Saint-Arroman and Jean-Christophe Tosi: Méthodes & Traités: Série 1 – France, 1600-1800
Editions Fuzeau

This is a five-volume series reproducing in facsimile major treatises and editions over two centuries during which time classical French organ building and organ music were at their peak. I had only volume three for review, but this gave me enough evidence to determine that here is a significant series. The volume in question is devoted to Dom Bédos de Celles’ L’art du Facteur d’Orgue. It is good to see the text in its original printed form. If I have a criticism it is that the number of original pages reproduced on the modern page is such that it is difficult to read the words at times. The work is nevertheless well produced (though I wonder if the binding will last, given the size of the volume and the number of pages) and I recommend the edition to all music and organ scholars and libraries where there is a particular interest in this period and form.